Thursday, April 2

Can We Handle the Truth?

I was watching a great movie "A Few Good Men" and in that movie Jack Nicholson says, "Because you cannot handle the truth. . ."

After watching this movie I noticed that a friend of mine had a few questions about the truth and I responded by stating the line from the movie. . . this was her response:

"your status is interesting and right on point with mine at the moment. i feel you overall but to take your quote/thought to the next level, who do you think the truth hurts more the person who feels the need to lie, or the people surrounding the liar? sometimes i think the truth may sting for a moment for those surrounding people, but the biggest battle is within the liar because reality was too much to handle to begin with. just my thought anyway. . ."

and my response back to her:

"yeah the biggest battle is within the liar but 9 times out 10 they have been lying for so long that they do not know what reality is and that is what hurts the most. there are some people that are in this world and there whole life is a lie but we don't know it. i would rather know the truth but then again can i handle it? i have asked myself this over and over and i know that it depends on the current situation and of course who is delivering the honesty! either way it is going to hurt and sting like a bee bite but then maybe i can base the rest of my life on the truth and not the lies that you have so blatantly made me believe. . .
just my thoughts. . . good response thanks!

So I thought that our discussion opened up a few questions in my mind - so I would pose the questions for open discussion, what do you think?

Can we handle the truth or can we not handle the truth

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Anonymous said...

Great Question Joi!! Can I handle the truth? I always tell myself that if I don’t think that I can handle the truth, then don't ask the question. Then there are the times that I have tried to prepare myself for that answer that my sting or even hurt me. As a person that takes pride in "keeping it real" or putting things out on the table to be dealt with, I would like to think that I in turn can handle "the truth". I have always felt like the sting of the truth from me at the time will hurt less than finding out the actual truth from somewhere else down the road, which could be devastating and/or embarrassing. On a whole, I think that people have gotten so used to being lied to and living with these blinders on, that NO we on a whole can not handle the truth. Look at the situation with Jeremiah Wright, 95% of what he is saying is fact and the truth, but look at what this country is doing to him for saying it (most of which was almost 15 years ago). This is just one current example of us here in the USA not being able to handle the truth, and deep inside we all know it to be true. Our government feels like we can't handle it so they keep so much from us "for our protection", and although as a government "for the people, by the people" they should inform us...We simply can't handle the truth.

Milly said...

I dont think I can always handle the truth, BUT I rather have the truth than be hearing some fabricated story that will later hurt more and possibly destroy a friendship or relationship.

And Besides the TRUTH is like the sun, at some point it will rise.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i dont think so. all my life my mom said i was too honest. and that over the years i realize it. id rather tell the truth fuck lying jones u know

LipstickOne said...

omg...anonymous, DAMN. love the header picture!


@ Lipstick- thanks i love the pic too!


@ Milly- Besides the TRUTH is like the sun, at some point it will rise. love that!


@ Torrance- yeah the truth will always win out!