Wednesday, April 16

Busy Doing Nothing

When you want the world to slow down so that you can just sit back and breath again of course it speeds up to nine times too fast!

More to come...


Ra said...

"I feel where you are coming from, but we need days like this sometime. These days are absolutely essential to our wealth and our mental health. I only wish that my father had taken more days like this when he was alive, I don’t ever remember hearing him say "I only wish I had worked more". I do however remember the words "son, I am so proud of the man that you have grown up to be, I only wish that I had been a part of it more". He gave me those words on his hospital bed two days before he passed. He told me "when you have a family, make sure and make time for them. Work hard to reach your goals, but don’t let the important things fall by the wayside, make time to take time". I live by those words now, "make time to take time". He like you was an entrepreneur, but was never satisfied with his success. So I learned by loss how important those days that I am “busy doing nothing” are.



Anonymous said...

Well, what I do know is that with business we also need time to do nothing in particular. I think it might feel a little boring or uncomfortable sometimes, but I really think it helps your mind and body recharge.

I had a professor in University that always told us not to worry too much about procrastination time. He said it was thinking time that we needed. I think he was right.