Monday, March 3

Oprah's BIG GIVE


The Oprah Winfrey-produced reality competition series' premiere averaged 15.6 million total viewers and a 5.3/12 rating/share in the Adults 18-49 demographics during its Sunday at 9PM ET/PT time period, according to Live Plus Same Day ratings data from Nielsen Media Research.

Oprah can take a failed idea by Amy Grant and really get some mileage out of it.
Remember that show "Three Wishes?" No, I know, you don't. It wasn't on for more than about 20 minutes. It was singer Amy Grant's show where she helped people with problems. Except no one cared. That's because Amy's not as rich as Oprah. And since Amy's a Christian singer it also wasn't much of a surprise that she'd have a big-giving mandate already.

I guess when you have the Millions that Oprah has she has given away the was she has at some point in time she had to select random people and give them money to give away, right? The crazy part is that as she gives away all this money she still is making money of the show; Wow, that a business woman! I was very touched by the show and the people that she chose the way they fulfilled their tasks. They were very creative in their approach and at the end they all gave back BIG! Not sure if you are tuning in but this was way more fulfilling than a re-run of "Flavor of Love!"


Anonymous said...

very true. Although Oprah gets hated on all the time, she does give back, no matter if its for money or just out of love. Either way she is helping people out thats all that matters.

Candice said...

i haven't gotten the opportunity to see this but now i will be on the lookout--kudos

Andrea said...

Loved It!!!! It made me appreciate my giving sprit, and no matter how many times the "Takers" in our lives take tremendously we should not hardened because of them. You always should give tremendously, and proved in Oprah Big Give, when giving you also "Take!" You take a since of Pride in yourself!!! So...