Thursday, February 7

U Bring Me . . . Joi

U Bring Me . . . Joi

It's a lot for some people to digest but when you are named you have to fully be able to live up to your name. I'm thankfull that JOY, means a feeling of happiness because that is what everyday of my life I try to do; bring forth happiness.

Through modeling and printwork I have found a form of art that I have grown to love! There is so much more to a model than just beauty and once you realize that what we do is more than just trying to give someone something to look at then you have started our journey. . .
We try to enlighten, educate, make you think, make you laugh and of course entice you to want to see more. Modeling has given me a freedom to express myself and I am thankfull to it and to all the photographers and make up artist that I have worked with to help that expression.

I hope you en"joi"