Monday, January 5

Stand For Something


what do you do when you feel like you cannot go any further? when you feel like life has beat you down and you cannot get up. . . when you deep down in the bottom of your soul you are confused and lost. . . who do you turn to? where do you go? where do you run?

i have noticed that when i cannot go any further somehow, some way someone gives me strength to go another second, another minute, another day. . . thankful for the strength and counting my blessings! when i feel like i cannot go another second i remind myself of all that i have been given and i cannot let what i am going through at this moment get me down. i will not let this get the best of me. . . if i open my eyes in the morning then i know that i have one more day to make a difference! i have 24 more hours to take and make my life count. are you making your life count? are you determined to stand for something? are you focused enough to not let the trials and tribulations deter you from your purpose? because we all have one and i cannot affect the world the way that you are suppose to. we all have been given a torch to carry and pass on, will you pass it on?

i am writing this because we are all faced with struggles in this journey called "life" and if i can get through it then i know that you can too! i will continue to praise my creator because like in the poem "footsteps" i know that he will carry me through! i know that the battle is already won, and i refuse to see it any other way!

be the blessing that you are suppose to be!




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