Saturday, May 9

Airing sh@t out!

List about 20 things that you have wanted to say to someone, but never could, and never will. Don't say who they are, just write. And yes, you can put more than one statement for one specific person. And you can write about however many people you want to.

1. I love you! I love you! And I vow to tell you everyday possible more than once!

2. When you look at me, what do you really see? Because I hope you know that there is way more to me, then the make up, the fake lashes, and the lights, the camera and the pictures.

3. Just stop judging me! I mean shit you got issues to and I'm not sitting here looking at you sideways, I mean damn! I know that I'm not perfect and I never claimed to be!

4. What are friends for again?

5. So you make new friends and keep the old, that's what the song says right? So what the hell is your problem?

6. Can't you tell that I am just not interested? Or are you so wrapped up in your own world that you are missing that the whole time you are talking I'm not even listening anymore

7. Thank you for always loving me even when I'm mean, sarcastic, rude, negligent and any other bad word!

8. You know just because we have different priorities does not mean that our friendship does not exist. The phone works both ways you know! And if you and I aren't the friends that we were all those years ago that's cool with me just don't be fake about it. I think we are grown enough to know when we should go our separate ways

9. Chicks will do you just as bad if you let em.... glad I decided to let go of those chicks; good luck!

10. When I ask one simple question why can't you answer with a simple response? All of those excuses are not helping your situation in my eyes, think about what you are about to say and answer the question.... d@mn!

11. You're sorry! You're sorry! Yeah you are right you are SORRY!

12. Some friends just aren't friends and I'm glad I realized it sooner than later.

13. I love you! I love you! I love you! Did I mention that already?

14. If I looked like you I would hate me too!

I couldn't list 20.... guess I'm at a better place in my life than I was the first time that I wrote this.... wow! I guess I am growing :-)

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Sanu said...

its all in the mind...

Anonymous said...

This is powerful, and inspiring! It gives me encouragement at this time in my life...
I really needed to read something like this... thank you for posting this poem!


Anonymous said...

i 100 percent agree... everything is possible once you believe it is

nikkiblanco said...

i really like this... i might have to do this myself! if i blog it, i'll be sure to give the shout out and link where i got it from...

the funny thing is--i did something like this in my "diary" recently... i wrote letters to people that i had soooo much to say to but that i was either 1. smart enough NOT to say because at this point they've been out of my life so long i would look like a crazy stalker telling them these things or 2. i was just afraid to say or 3. because i'm still undecided on where i want things to go was best to just keep it to myself... it did make me feel better writing it all down