Friday, April 3


I'm just wondering do you think that "honesty is the best policy?" and why?

I have had a lot of honesty to deal with lately and I must admit that some of it pissed me off and some of it made me really take a deep look at myself. Some things that I realized about myself, and can I be "honest," and say that I did not want to know or realize but others things I was happy to hear; But what do you do when you hear something that you do not want to hear? How do you take it all in and smile like you just did not hear what you heard?

And more importantly do you keep it all the way funky with the person that just dealt you the low blow to the gut and then the massive hit over the head for the knock out?

Just wondering!
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Milly said...

Honesty is the best policy, but for most part the truth is something thats hard to stomach for most people(no matter what they say)

P.S I wanna know the truth but somethings I can go through without knowing

Assertive Wit said...

I've always felt honesty was the best policy but everyone can't handle the truth which is why the world is full of delusional liars LOL

I tell the truth but it's been made more than obvious to me that sometimes people just don't want to hear it so I keep my mouth closed unless asked :)


@ Milly- on your P.S are you sure? I guess it's like a gift and a curse because the more you know the more you can get hurt from or mad at... I want to know but I don't think that I can handle everything, actually I know that I can't handle the whole truth but that doesn't mean I don't want to know....


@ Assertive Wit- unless asked, so you don't think that you need to offer important information? do you think that when you withhold info that that is lieing?

i always want to know but i know that no matter what you tell me i'm going to probably get mad but that doesn't mean not tell me, lol! just look forward to the outcome